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“This system you have is very good and I am so glad we are able to work with you on our CE compliance.”

– Luke Vazul, KHS, USA

1.Determine which CE Rules apply

Determine which European regulations and standards apply to your products.

2.Assess the CE Conformity

Find out how to do demonstrate CE compliance yourself, and how to leverage your suppliers’ CE certificates.

3.Grow your business

Get CE marking, get access to the European market and grow your business.

What makes CE Marking with us so different?

When it comes to CE marking, there are many service providers out there that want to sell their consulting, testing and certification services. Our ‘Six Step CE Marking Framework’ helps companies to take control of the CE marking process, reduce the costs and reach results fast. In six steps, our clients determine the applicable CE rules, self-certify the conformity, prepare the required and stay informed about regulatory changes.
Our framework can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer personal consulting and coaching, online workshops and tools. Hundreds of companies have grown their businesses by using our Six‑Step CE Marking Framework.

Conduct CE self-certification with our Six Step Framework and Coaching

CE Marking Quick Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About CE Marking

“I need a quick and efficient way to be able to issue CE conformance certificates to my customers, while being confident that we have done the process correctly and in the approved format. Your framework allow us to get to the end result in a much more focused way and time scale than by researching it ourselves. Why re-invent the wheel when someone has done it already? Also, building up the expertise in house is much more valuable than outsourcing it each time.”
– Rick Booth, DMS, United Kingdom

Start CE Marking Today

End the confusion. Get a clear roadmap for the CE marking process. Our ‘Six Step CE Marking’-framework helps you take control of the CE marking process and reach results fast. Click the ‘Start Now’-button below, fill out the form and we’ll advise you what solution will best fit your needs.