9030 REACH Registration Dossiers Granted Registration Numbers in 2013

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) made public in a press release from September 10th 2013 that 3,215 companies had submitted 9084 registration dossiers by the 31st May 2013 deadline. Additionally, 270 dossiers linked to the 2013 deadline have been received by the agency since then. ECHA assessed the completeness of all submitted dossiers by 31st August, after which it granted registration numbers to 9,030 dossiers.

Currently, 17 cases are still pending and the remaining ones have been or will soon be rejected because they have not paid the related fees. Micro, small and medium-sized companies accounted for 19% of the registrations, while 28% of the registered dossiers pertained to non-European companies. Furthermore, 29 EU and EEA countries registered, Germany accounting for the highest percentage (31%). As a result, by the 2013 deadline 2,988 new substances, together with 771 substances registered for the previous deadline joined by new companies, registered with ECHA. Most of the registered substances came from joint submissions made by groups of companies (83%).

In total 770 testing proposals were submitted in 376 dossiers, out of which 563 were for animal testing. There were 301 confidentiality requests, including the name, registration number and information on the uses of substances of the company. The non-confidential 2013 registrations are published online in the ECHA registered substances database.

Source: ECHA

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