Acoustic Requirements For Toys in Standard EN 71-1 Revised

A new amendment A2 to the EU toy standard EN 71-1 (physical and mechanical requirements) was published by CEN in September. There is a transitional period allowing the old requirements still to be used until September 2014. The amendment A2 on acoustics is not harmonized yet. A standard or amendment is harmonized after publication in the EU Official Journal. Only harmonized standards can be used to show compliance to the EU Toy Directive 2009/48/EC.
Amendment A2 is the first published amendment to EN 71-1:2011. Amendment A1 is still being processed. The amendment A1 will concern a revision of the warning section.

The acoustic requirements include new toy categories that need to be tested. Other changes include different exposure times that now need to be taken into account. Also the test methods have been revised and detailed.
The new categories of toy that need to be tested include toys where the sound level is dependent on the action of the child:

  • PERCUSSION TOY – Toy clearly designed to emit sound when struck with a beater, such as a drumstick, or by the hand.(Examples of percussion toys include drums, xylophones and tambourines)
  • VOICE TOY – Toy clearly designed to emit sound by electronically amplifying or distorting the voice and where the output sound level depends on the input sound level of the voice. (Examples of voice toys could include telephones, walkie-talkies)
  • WIND TOY – Toy clearly designed to emit sound when actuated by the blowing action of the child or another person. (Examples of wind toys include toy trumpets and toy whistles)
  • CAP-FIRING TOY – Toy clearly designed to emit sound caused by discharge of a percussion cap (Examples of cap-firing toys include cap guns)

Three exposure categories have been introduced. This is to take into account that the length of time a sound is emitted can vary considerably from toy to toy.
The three exposure categories are:
1. Exposure to sound more than 30 sec
2. Exposure to sound between 30 and 5 sec
3. Exposure to sound less than 5 sec
Acoustic limits have been set for each product group and exposure time.



Source: SGS Newsletter

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