Consumer Protection and Advice for Staying Safe

This is the thrust of the series of publications that the British government started on 29 March 2019. These announcements return on a very regular basis and they have only one reason: to keep consumers safe. 

Compliance And The Growth Of The Medical Industry

Compliance and the growth of the medical industry, does it collaborate?

Compliance and the growth of the medical industry, does it work together? This question is highly relevant because the growth in the medical device industry is significant. And also, this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

What is CE marking / CE certification?

What is CE Marking?

I made this short video presentation to answer some of the basic questions about CE marking. Do you like it? Please comment below. Which specific CE marking questions would you like me to answer in a video like this one?

The User Manual As Part of CE Marking

User Manual

The European New Approach Directives form the starting point of the CE marking (Conformité Européenne). In these directives, user manuals are also discussed extensively. What do the European New Approach Directives mean and what do they mean for you and the user manuals of your products?