Getting More Out Of Your Chinese Suppliers

Chinese supplier

Maintaining a fruitful cooperation with your Chinese supplier can be challenging. Here are some interesting or useful articles that I found recently on how to get the most out of your Chinese supplier:

To Patent Or Not To Patent…. 10 Basic Things You Need To Know About Patents


Most people know what patents are, and why they are necessary, why you should patent, when to file an application, what can be patented etc., or do they…?
When asking people in the street and even in business about patents, one quickly learns there are a lot of misconceptions. Therefore, let me list the 10 basic things you need to know about patents:

Why you need to have a look at the iPhone4 antenna problems

Have you been following the discussions about the antenna problems of the iPhone4? Yesterday, Apple responded during a special press conference and now also with a special page on their website. Being an Apple fanboy, of course I watched the recording of the press conference. And if you are interested in EMC and EMC testing, you should do the same…

EU-China Trade: Facts and Figures

China is the single most important challenge for EU trade policy. EU-China trade has increased dramatically in recent years. China is now the EU’s 2nd trading partner behind the USA and the biggest source of imports. The EU is China’s biggest trading partner. China is set to be the biggest national exporter in the global economy in 2009. China now accounts for about 9% of world trade in goods. Total bilateral trade between the EU and China was worth €326 billion in 2008.

Chinese Export…?

I have to admit it: I’ve used this lame joke. But I have heard other CE marking consultants use it on many occasions. In fact, I think it is one of the most used jokes in presentations about CE marking:

“What do the letters CE in CE marking stand for?”

Market Surveillance of products in the European Union

I found this video on YouTube that explains quite nicely how market surveillance works in the European Union. Market surveillance is the name for all activities related to the control of product safety and compliance by the inspection authorities of the Member States of the European Union. It shows you what these autorities do to find unsafe and non-compliant products and to prosecute the manufacturers and importers.

Did you have any encounters with the European market surveillance authorities? Let me know what your experience was.