ATEX Directive: New List of European Harmonised Standards Published

On the October, 2018, the European Commission published a new list of European harmonised standards for the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU)

If the ATEX Directive applies to your products, we recommend you to check if the standards you or your suppliers have used have been amended, or that new relevant standards have been included in the list.

The following standards have been added to the list for the Low Voltage Directive:

EN 17077:2018 – Determination of burning behaviour of dust layers
EN ISO/IEC 80079-38:2016 – Explosive atmospheres — Part 38: Equipment and components in explosive atmospheres in underground mines (ISO/IEC 80079-38:2016)
EN ISO/IEC 80079-38:2016/A1:2018
EN 50271:2018 – Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of combustible gases, toxic gases or oxygen — Requirements and tests for apparatus using software and/or digital technologies

The PDF documents with the new lists of standards have been added to the CE Marking Library of our online platform already. The new and amended standards are being included in the standards database.

If you have questions, please let us know.

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