Busted: Another Product With False CE Mark

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    • Hi Norm,

      It is not possible to display video in an email. The email clients do not allow that. The video file is very big and for that reason the email attachment would probably be banned by your email server.

      Can you see videos on other sites? Is it just YouTube you cannot see? Perhaps you have a iPhone or Android phone you can use their YouTube app and find the video file there.

      In any case, I thank you for bringing this up. I will think about a way to be able to show videos to persons that cannot access YouTube.

  1. Thats a great video which made me understand how is it possible for me to apply for the CE certification as we were searching applying it in a professional way and we managed to find TUV and we made it but unfortunetly the TUV persons told us CE certification it is a self declaration certificate can you please explain how can i self declare our product we are into manufacturing of elevators

  2. Hello,

    I was researching for information on CE marking, and just a basic question: Can the CE marking be applicable to custom built panels? We are panel manufacturers, but every panel design is different, and manufacturing parameters – unique for each job. My understanding is that CE marks are applicable to mass manufactured products…once I get a product approved, and want to make multiple, SAME products. If the product design and use itself is unique to each job, wont I have to get the CE certification..every time?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Dear Suryabhan,

      The CE marking does not only apply to mass produced products. This is a misunderstanding. The CE marking can apply to a single unit as well. You would indeed assess one sample on conformity with the applicable directives and standards, and if subsequent panels are exactly the same, they will be covered by the first approval.

      My tip for you: build your panels in accordance with the electrical safety standards using already CE approved components. This is the best guarantee that your panels will comply.

    • Hi Toeh, Not all products need to be certified by a third party, and so there will not be a certificate or certificate number. The name of the producer will allow you to find there contact details and in that case you can contact them and ask for confirmation of the CE compliance. But as you have seen in the video, the information you may be getting from the manufacturer is not always accurate…

  3. Thanks Han for the demonstration. This problem is in fact global – a product can ‘appear” at first glance to be in compliance with product standards’ directives, simply because it has the “appropriate” label or mark. Consumers are instructed to check that it has the “correct” logo, mark, etc. without a detailed understanding of what specifically to look for or what directive might apply for that product. Having spent a decade in the States, it is clear that this problem is a widespread phenomenon, where constant vigilance is required by Compliance regulators just to maintenance awareness.

  4. Ik zou zeggen dat alleen RAPV/WAPV van toepassing is. CE-markering is dus niet toegestaan.

    Overigens is het getoonde logo niet exact de voorgeschreven
    CE-markering. Het lijkt er alleen maar op. Van dat ‘net-niet-CE-logo’
    wordt ook wel eens gezegd dat het “Chinese Export” betekent.

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