CEMarking.Net optimized for iPhone and iPad

Have you tried the iPhone and iPad? They are really wonderful devices when you are on the go and you need to check some website. In particular the iPad is great for browsing the internet. And I believe it will be a great device for our users to have when they want to read our on-line articles and checklists or when viewing the video tutorials. Simply take the iPad (and iPhone) to the machine or equipment and easily check the requirements there and then, without having to print some material first.

This weekend we have optimized our website at www.cemarking.net for the iPhone and the iPad. For this we had to make changes to our the website’s interface. Also the media players have been upgraded, so they appear in Mobile Safari/iOS. Buttons are bigger, and easier to click on a touch screen. And we introduced some interactive elements to view or hide texts and objects, so its easier to browse to texts.
For the iPhone, we introduced a separate interface. It’s not longer a smaller representation of the website, but makes optimal use of the small screen and provides an easy to use navigation system.

CEMarking.Net, now optimized for iPhone/iPad
CEMarking.Net, now optimized for iPhone/iPad

Hope you like it! Give us feedback below.

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  1. hi. how come i can see the printed CE mark for iphones and ipods to look quite small? i thought there is supposed to be a minimum size requirement when printing it on products(?) all other products look like they’re much larger.

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