Do products qualify for CE when they have UL or CSA certification?

Often we get a question similar to this:

“Our product already has a UL and/or CSA approval. Does that mean that we automatically qualify for the CE marking?”

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

There are differences between the CE marking certification process and the UL/CSA certification. And for that reason, normally compliance with UL/CSA does not automatically give the right to affix the CE marking. However, the UL/CSA certifications may make the CE process much easier when the testing and certification were conducted according to international standards similar to European harmonized standards relevant for the particular product. In that case, it may be possible to skip (parts of) the expensive product compliance testing.

Please note however that another part of the CE requirements is aimed at the manufacturer’s ability to prove CE compliance through a Technical File. This Technical File needs to be compiled before the CE marking is affixed (it is a part of the approval), and even after the product has been placed on the market, the Technical File needs to be maintained and updated on a regular basis. The UL and CSA requirements for Technical Files are different, so this would require some attention from your side as well.

Whether the existing UL/CSA files may be used for proving CE compliance can be judged by our experts after a brief documentation review. We can also help you to determine the most cost effective route to CE certification of your products. Let us know when you are interested in our services.

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