EN 12198-1:2000+A1:2008

Safety of Machinery – Assessment and reduction of risks arising from radiation emitted by machinery – Part 1: General principles

This standard deals with the emission of radiation from machinery. This European Standard gives advice to manufacturers for the construction of safe machinery, if no relevant C-type standard exists. This radiation emission may be functional for processing or may be undesirable. The issues of electromagnetic compatibility are not addressed in the standard. This European Standard is intended to give advice to C-type standardization groups, on how to identify radiation emissions or fields, how to determine their significance and intensity, how to assess the possible risks and what means may be used to avoid or reduce radiation emissions. This advice should be elaborated in C-type standards for specific classes of machines as assessable requirements. This standard deals with the emission of all types of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation may be dealt with in other documents or in the future revisions. This standard does not deal with the emission of laser radiation. Radiation sources fixed to a machine which are used only for lighting are excluded from the scope of this standard. This standard applies to machinery as defined in clause 3.1 of EN 292-1:1991.

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