EN 998-1:2003

Specification for mortar for masonry – Part 1: Rendering and plastering mortar

This European Standard is applicable to factory made rendering/plastering mortar based on inorganic binders for external (rendering) and internal (plastering) use on walls, ceilings, columns and partitions. It contains definitions and final performance requirements. It does not covers mortars where calcium sulphate binder is the principle active binding agent. Calcium sulphate binder can be usedr as an addtional binder together with air lime. If air lime is the principle active binding component, the rendering/plastering mortar is covered by this standard. If the calcium sulphate binder is the principle active binding component, the mortar is covered by EN 13279. The classification is carried out by the producer of the mortar. Special fire resistant- and acoustical mortars, mortars for structural repair and surface treatments of building elements such as materials for smoothing or trueing, paints, coatings, thin-layer organic renders/plasters and prefabricated units (e.g. boards) are not dealt with in this standard. This standard covers redering/plastering mortars defined in clause 3 with the exception of site mde rendering/plastering mortars. However, this standard or part of this standard may be used in conjunction with codes of application and national specifications covering site made mortars.

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