EU Proposal Sustainable Products

EU proposal sustainable products; publication of new rules in December 2021

Proposed EU legislation establishing new rules for sustainable products is expected to be released in December. The Commission has three linked legislative proposals on sustainability on its agenda, which will be published in December 2021. The measures will affect the design, labeling, and marketing of a wide range of consumer products sold in the EU.

The proposals cover:

  1. the sustainable products initiative, which aims to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and make products placed on the EU market more sustainable, durable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and energy efficient;
  2. Strengthening consumers' roles in the green transition – a consumer law initiative aimed at assisting consumers in making informed decisions based on reliable and relevant information about product sustainability and protecting consumers from certain unsustainable commercial practices; and
  3. substantiating green claims – which strives to standardize the methods organizations deploy to validate claims about their products and services' environmental effects.

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EU Proposal Sustainable Products | Photographer: Marcell Viragh | Source: Unsplash

We will continue to monitor the developments, and to keep you informed.