Getting More Out Of Your Chinese Suppliers

Maintaining a fruitful cooperation with your Chinese supplier can be challenging. Here are some interesting or useful articles that I found recently on how to get the most out of your Chinese supplier:

China NNN Agreements. Watching The Sausage Get Made

Dan Harris provides an overview of what terms go into a non-disclosure, non-compete, non-circumvention agreement (also called “NNN agreement”). And, more specifically, how to handle confidentiality issues when a supplier introduces himself under a Hong Kong company and a Chinese company.

Too Small to Work with a Factory? Consider Buying Wholesale

Liz Long gives excellent advice for small buyers who want access to the “China price”. There are actually many solutions: finding a wholesaler, making small changes on stock products, buying materials wholesale and having a factory transform these materials into finished products…

Mastering the Chise Chop System

If you have a company in China, you absolutely must understand the role of company stamps. This article provides a good overview on the subject, some valuable advice, and is a good read.

“Corporate Social Responsibility” Reports in China: Progress or Greenwashing?

In 2012, 1,722 Chinese companies filed CSR reports. But, as this short BusinessWeek article asks, does this translate in better social and environmental practices? The response is not obvious.

Changes in the China Sourcing Fairs

This quick video explains how Global Sources adapts their Hong Kong trade shows. Among others, “Mobile & Wireless” products will have their own event… with 800 booths expected on the first session.

Rose George: Inside the secret shipping industry

An interesting TED talk for those who want to learn about the massive ships that transport containers of products across oceans, and about their impact on the environment.

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