The Future of Quality in Product Safety and Product Compliance

What is the role of quality assurance and quality management in product safety and product compliance? How does quality management help to make the legal responsibilities of economic operators easier? What developments can we expect in the near future? Mr. Han Zuyderwijk and Mr. Antony Hayes will be discussing these subjects in a Livestream on Youtube and Facebook, and would love if you chime in with your questions and comments. Join us on Thursday the 16th of September 2021 at 9AM EST/EDT and 3PM CET.

Mr Antony Hayes has a long history in Quality Assurance. He managed multinational companies and had overall responsibilities of Divisions’ development and strategy including FSC licence; improving the efficiency, processes and competence. Mister Hayes is also the author of ‘The Future of Quality’; a look at where quality processes and practice should be heading.

“The book aims to put forward some very obvious changes that are already occurring and some that may be less obvious that technology will make possible. The future is good but the current manpower levels in some large companies related to managing quality of product, production, processes and services are going to change.”

The Livestream starts a few minutes before 3PM CET (2PM GMT, 9AM EST and 6AM PST) and can be watched on YouTube and Facebook.

Future quality assurance product safety compliance
The Future of Quality by Anthony Hayes

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