Machine manufacturers: are your machines up to date with the new standards?

The European Commission published an update of the list of European harmonized standards that machinery manufacturers may use to prove CE compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

This updated list is of importance to machinery manufacturers that have used European harmonized standards to prove CE compliance. If you are a machine manufacturer, and you have applied standards to prove compliance with the Machinery Directive, we recommend you to check the new list of standards to see if any of the standard you applied have been updated, or whether there are new standards available for your machines. When standards have been updated by this list, you need to re-evaluate your machinery against the updated standard and update your Declaration of Conformity.

The updated list of standards can be found in our Library*.

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3 thoughts on “Machine manufacturers: are your machines up to date with the new standards?”

  1. um.. I’ve read and searched well your web site, now.
    After searching something about Machinery Directive, Some question is comes up. You don’t mind, keep going.

    You said, if the manufacturer was certified thier machiney with CE Marking, do they have to re-estimate that product certified CE Marking?
    I mean, as you saying, is it okay only if the manufacturer update their Declaration of Conformity and just update the list of the updated harmonized standard on the paper?

    Or, they have to have re-meeting any Notified Body for renewing thier Certificate of conformity?

    i think these question do not make sense what I wanna ask you and wanna know.. but I really really appreciate, give me a answer. :)

    • If a manufacturer does self-certification they must ensure that their evidence of compliance with the appropriate requirements (as provided by the Technical File and the Declaration of Conformity) is correct and up-to-date. When a manufacturer does self-certification, there is no Notified Body involved, and thus they do not have to consult a Notified Body even when the standards changed. The manufacturer will ensure this himself. If you need assistance with staying informed about the changes to the legislation and the consequences for your products, you can as a consultant, or consider membership to our website.

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