New lists of European harmonized standards for simple pressure vessels, recreational craft and cable ways

The European Commission has published updated lists of European harmonized standards that pertain to the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive 87/404/EEC, the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC, and the Cableways Directive 2000/9/EC. Manufacturers of these types of equipment that have used European harmonized standards to prove compliance (presumption of conformity) should check if these standards are still valid, or whether they have been updated by these lists.

Standards that have been updated cannot be used to prove CE compliance from the date that the new version of standard comes into force. The standard update does not affect devices already placed on the market. But new for new batches the new version of updated standards should be used.

The updated lists of European harmonized standards can be found here:

Simple Pressure Vessels:

Recreational Craft:


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