New UK Guidance Proposals

“New UK Guidance Proposals” – published on on 26 April 2022

There are new proposals published for UK guidance for businesses in regard to the designated standards of 

  • Personal Protective Equipment,
  • Pressure Equipment, and
  • Recreational Craft.

The UK OPSS updated their guide on 22 April 2022. This guidance applies to businesses supplying goods on the Great Britain and Northern Ireland markets. 

New UK Guidance Proposals
New UK Guidance Proposals: Personal Protective Equipment, Pressure Equipment, and Recreational Craft | Graphic by Ellina Goncharova from Alura Group

The documents above are suggested changes to the lists of standards that companies can use to demonstrate that their products, services, or processes conform with the relevant GB law’s key requirements.

A designated standard is a consensus-based standard that BSI proposes and that is recognized by the government, in part or in full, by posting its reference on GOV.UK in a formal notice of publication.

OPSS Commitment

The OPSS is committed to giving stakeholders the chance to object to designation if they have cause to believe that a standard proposed for designation does not completely or partially meet GB key legal requirements. 

Proposals for new or revised notifications are made publicly available on the official website for 28 days (unless immediate action is necessary), during which time interested parties may object to a publication proposal by emailing an objection form. The objection must explain why the standard proposed for designation does not, in whole or in part, meet GB key legal requirements.

Links and Downloads:

Some of the earlier UK and EU published updates 

UK updates or proposed amendments:

EU updates or proposed amendments:

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