Q&A: CE Marking on Basis of Pre-Compliance Test?

Andrew Mackay and Han Zuyderwijk answer two questions form viewers. One question asks whether it is possible to affix the CE marking on the basis of EMC pre-compliance tests. The other question is about the applicable directives and standards for a muscle stimulation device.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: CE Marking on Basis of Pre-Compliance Test?”

  1. The Rigol DSA-815 only goes to 1.5 Ghz OK for LISN but not the 3 Ghz requirement for EMC. Calibration of antenna would be the biggest problem I could see. There would be no need for a test chamber you just need an open field. It is certainly a good pre-compliance route to go down. Another useful piece of test equipment is an old transistor radio this is a good way of checking others CE compliance has been done or scanning on an amateur radio set,after all if you are going to get caught this would be the most likely complaint source. I read a review on Amazon saying how good the new LED lights were except they interfered with the radio,opps!

    Having done as much of the pre-compliance tests, would there be any reason not to have the tests repeated by an reputable offshore third party to save money?

    • Thank you James.
      Pre-compliance testing will give you a good indication that your product will pass or fail the full-compliance testing. At the same time, the point Andrew and I have made in the video is that the CE marking should not be affixed on the basis of a pre-compliance test alone, because there will be holes in your compliance evidence.

    • Hi James,

      The problem with domestic radios TVs and other consumer equipment is you really do not have any control over what band they are sensitive to like wise transmitting devices like piezo spark igniters, CB radio walky talkies etc. Of course if the spectrum analyser has a tracking output this can be fed through an amplifier and reverse drive the bilog aerial. This would need a screened room or you would infringe national transmitting rules. I did look at buying a screened room for audio testing and with Foam came out at around 30k.
      Depends on the particular device to be tested, somethings like safety you really do not want to be known for a mistake
      Again it depends on who and where you would do the compliance testing

      • Hi Andrew

        The only reason I mentioned it is its hard to carry a spectrum analyzer around. It gives a quick indication if a product has been subjected to real CE certification. After all the CE test is only on a sample. If it fails the transistor radio test we don’t need to worry with doing the proper tests. We walk away fast.
        I actually got a small electric shock a few weeks ago from a fan marked with Tüv and GS the German company was listed on the Tüv site. But although I suspected it was made in China low quality, it took some time to find Made in PRC small print bottom of the box.
        There is one Chinese test lab that we stay clear off even the name on every certificate is a western forename no surname. Busy girl Christina is. That’s a bad start.


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