CE marking of fabricated structural steelwork under the Construction Products Regulation

Here is a great video explaining about CE marking of fabricated structural steelwork under the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011). The video is also supported by a information rich “encyclopedia”: https://www.steelconstruction.info/CE_marking. Although the information aims at the UK industry, most of it applies to any company that intends to make available fabricated structural steelwork in the European Union.

Amendments to The European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

European CommissionEuropean Commission

Two weeks ago, the European Commission has published two documents that amend the European Union Construction Products Regulation. These documents were already adopted back in February 2014. One amendment (Commission Regulation 568/2014 of 27 May 2014) is regarding the assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products. The second amendment (Commission Regulation 574/2014 of 28 May 2014) introduces changes to the Declaration of Performance. The changes are quite significant. Let’s have a look.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Explained – Interview with Harm Verster

CPR 305/2011/EC explained

In this interview, Harm Verster explains how construction products can get CE marking in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

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Fabricated Structural Steelwork and the Engineers’ Responsibility


In order to obtain an eligible end product, there are several steps that must be followed by the different participants of the entire proceeding: starting with the construction phase and ending with placing the product on the market. In this article, we will focus on the responsibilities an engineer is subject to.

The engineer should pursue the BS EN 1090-2 (the Technical Requirements for Steel Structures) requirements and specify the Execution Class for the structure as a whole, the components, and the details. It is essential to note that in some cases, the components and details may have distinctive features. Thus, they have to be mentioned accordingly and separately.

New documents added to the Library

The following two documents related to the construction products have been added to the Library:

REGULATION (EU) No 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC

COMMISSION DECISION of 11 April 2011 amending Decision 2000/367/EC establishing a classification system for resistance-to-fire performance for construction products, construction works and parts thereof (notified under document C(2011) 2417) (2011/232/EU)

Members can access these documents here: