Understanding European Declarations of Conformity or Incorporation

Certificate of Conformity

In order to understand the various types of EU Declarations, it’s important to first understand a bit about the system that uses them. Two systems of product safety evaluation are currently in wide use globally: Certification, and Marking. Understanding the differences between these two systems is important for anyone who gets involved with regulatory compliance activities. It’s also important to know that these Declarations have no relationship to the compliance declarations often used in commercial supply chains. Supply chain declarations are simply used to ensure that vendors attest to the fact that they supplied what the customer ordered. This type of document has no relationship to the EU Declarations discussed article.

Video: Two examples of the Declaration of Conformity

Do you know what a Declaration of Conformity looks like? Do you know what format is has?

In this video, I show two examples of Declarations of Conformity I came across just recently. The examples illustrate how the Declaration of Conformity can be kept small and even serve multiple purposes.