Extension of Delegated Powers MDR & IVDR?

Extension of Delegated Powers MDR and IVDR?

Extension of Delegated Powers MDR and IVDR? – The European Commission wants to extend its delegated powers for five years. This is to be able to amend the MDR and IVDR where the text of the regulations allows.

Together For New Growth

Together For Growth

20 years ago, the European single market was born. Borders disappeared; bonds between countries were strengthened. Today, in a world which is more complex and uncertain, the need for unity has become even stronger – in fact it is vital. More than ever, the single market remains our greatest asset in facing the crisis and the global challenges ahead.

“Together for new growth” is a documentary film about the single market and the importance of economic integration in Europe. We invite you to watch the video and – if you like it – to share it with your contacts.

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The European Union Explained

The European Union Explained

This YouTuber has made many cool explanatory videos, making different complex issues very clear. He did it again with this video about the European Union. Enjoy watching.

Report shows fewer dangerous products reaching EU market

Brussels, 08 May 2012 – EU consumers want to be sure that the products – whether produced in the EU or imported from third-countries – are safe. The good news is that thanks to the increasing effectiveness of the EU’s rapid alert system for non-food dangerous products (“RAPEX”) dangerous products are detected earlier and more effectively and are more promptly removed from the EU market. This process involves a chain of actions including upstream efforts to design out risks at source, better risk assessment and close co-operation between EU authorities, notably customs, to identify risks at the points of entry.

Withdrawals of dangerous consumer products jump by 16%

The number of dangerous consumer products withdrawn from the EU market rose by 16% in 2008 compared to in 2007, the Commission’s annual report on the Community rapid alert system for non-food dangerous products (“RAPEX”) reveals today. This rise from 1 605 notifications in 2007 to 1 866 last year shows that the capacity of the RAPEX system has substantially increased again in 2008, following a substantial investment of resources and training by the European Commission and Member States. European businesses in the consumer product safety area are also taking their responsibilities more seriously and recall their unsafe products from the market more readily. Toys with childcare articles (such as bicycles, baby walkers, cots and soothers), electrical products and motor vehicles were the most frequently notified products in 2008. The number of notifications on products of Chinese origin sent through RAPEX increased (from 52% in 2007 to 59% in 2008). This must be seen as a consequence of the focus of market surveillance authorities on product categories known to be of higher risk.


New EU rules for safe toys for our children

The European Commission welcomes today’s adoption by the European Parliament of its proposal to substantially strengthen EU-rules on toy safety. It gives consumers assurance that toys sold in the EU fulfil the highest safety requirements world-wide, especially those relating to the use of chemical substances.