UK REACH: Deadline Extended

UK REACH: Deadline Extended

UK Reach: Deadline extended. The UK government will consult on whether or not to extend the deadlines to october 2025 for submitting the full registration data.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Explained – Interview with Harm Verster

CPR 305/2011/EC explained

In this interview, Harm Verster explains how construction products can get CE marking in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

Please leave tour comments or questions about the CPR 305/2011 in the comment box below.

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New Regulation on tractors to strengthen safety and to cut red tape

The European Commission has proposed to simplify EU law on agricultural and forestry vehicles (tractors, trailers, and towed equipment): 50 Directives and the related implementing legislation of 27 Member States would be replaced by just five Regulations. The proposal also foresees increased safety for these vehicles. For braking systems, the new rules would require inter alia: mandatory fitting of anti-lock braking systems on some categories (T5 fast tractors and their trailers suitable for speeds over 40 km/h); higher deceleration performance and improved compatibility between tractor and trailers/towed equipment. The proposal will now be forwarded to the EU’s Council of Ministers and the European Parliament for adoption.

Today’s proposal is an example how we can make EU legislation lighter while increasing the safety of agricultural vehicles. Working with 50 different Directives and the many pieces of national implementing legislation is more costly and burdensome for the industry than necessary. Today’s proposal would increase safety of tractors while reducing administrative costs and scratching unnecessary legislation.”

Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship