European Commission updates list of European Harmonized Standards for the Toys Directive (88/378/EEC)

On August 11, the European Commission published an updated list of the European harmonized standards that pertain to the Toys Directive (88/378/EEC). The standards on this list may be used by manufacturers to prove that their toy(s) complies with the essential requirements of this directive.

EU bans DMF in consumer products such as toys and orders recalls

On May 1, a European Commission Decision comes into force to ensure that no consumer product containing the strongly sensitising DMF is placed on the market in the EU. The biocide dimethylfumarate (DMF) has caused severe allergic reactions, including skin itching, irritation, redness, burns and, in some cases, acute respiratory difficulties, in hundreds of consumers in the EU because of its use in imported every day consumer products such as couches and shoes. There has even been one case of a soft toy for small children. If already on the market, these products will have to be recalled and withdrawn without delay, and consumers will have to be informed about the serious risk. The Commission Decision is an EU wide emergency measure, pending the adoption of a more permanent regulatory solution.

Update list of European harmonized standandards for toys

Today, the European Commission published an update of the list of European harmonized standards that manufacturers of toys may use to prove CE compliance with the Toys Directive 88/378/EEC.

This updated list is of importance to manufacturers of toys that have used European harmonized standards to prove CE compliance. When you have applied standards which have been updated by this list, you need to re-evaluate your equipment against the updated standard and update your Declaration of Conformity.

The updated list of standards can be found here or our CE Marking Library.