The safest beer I ever drank

This example of a fake CE marking took me by complete surprise. I went out with my wife and daughter to a restaurant on the beach in The Hague. We ordered two beers. And look what we found:No doubt this must be the safest beer I ever drank.

I just wonder how they did the conformity assessment…


PS. Don’t forget to send me your examples of fake CE markings!

UPDATE: Actually, I was wrong. Mea maxima culpa. The CE marking can be applied to glasses in accordance with the measuring instruments directive. What you cannot see on the picture is that the glass has a line that marks a certain content. In some countries it is practice to have such an indicator on the glass so that the consumer can check that he receives a certain volume of beer (and not too much foam). Thank you to metrologist Ed van Dijk for pointing this out to me…

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