UK Beauty Products Recalled

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A warning has gone out about the dangers of potentially unsafe electrical beauty equipment.

Cornwall Trading Standards has published a list of seven products that have been recalled and has offered advice to consumers in the Christmas gift-buying season.

It said that some products made and bought from outside the EU can not only pose a danger but put users at risk of breaking the law. Products without a genuine CE label are not safety compliant and can lead to electric shocks, exposure to unsafe UV levels or overheating, causing products to catch fire. Consumers providing treatments, even to friends and family in their home, have a legal obligation to abide by the relevant laws and regulations.

Jane Tomlinson, from Cornwall Trading Standards, said:
“Responsible manufacturers are accountable for designing and constructing equipment that complies with the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.
It must be safe with minimum risk of causing death or personal injury to any person or domestic animal, or damage to property, and ensure that it protects against electric shock.
Once a product meets these requirements, a visible CE marking is affixed to the equipment or its packaging, instructions or guarantee certificate. Non-CE marked electrical equipment imported from outside the EU will be subject to information checks by Cornwall Trading Standards to endure the importer supplies safe goods.
Other approval marks may appear on your electrical equipment but they must not be trusted to declare compliance. Beauty products from the internet, markets or temporary shops may not follow safety regulations.”

Second-hand equipment that has previously been supplied to an end user in the EU and is then re-supplied in the course of business – such as through charity shops or auctions – is also controlled by the safety regulations. However, they do not need to satisfy the CE marking requirement and there is no mandatory requirement for it to undergo any safety testing.

Retailers must only supply safe equipment, for example after PAT testing, to avoid committing an offence.

Cornwall Trading Standards added that “following simple precautions and buying beauty products from reputable sources, with a guarantee card to complete and allow manufacturers to advise consumers of any recalls, will help keep you and your loved ones safe”.

It also warned of recent recalls of the following products: Beanfly nail lamp WS-3055, Sentik UV nail dryer 97634, Proxima Direct UV nail lamp J0202, Amazing shine nail gel curing lamp (9 and 12 watt), JMF Dermapen HJ120100, Lee Stafford Fat Curling Tong (Batch 1421 from Argos) and Lee Stafford Jumbo Lazy Curl