EURO-zone has expanded

On 1 January 2011, the euro will become legal tender in Estonia, replacing the Estonian kroon at the irrevocably fixed exchange rate of €1 = EEK 15.6466.

Video: Two examples of the Declaration of Conformity

Do you know what a Declaration of Conformity looks like? Do you know what format is has?

In this video, I show two examples of Declarations of Conformity I came across just recently. The examples illustrate how the Declaration of Conformity can be kept small and even serve multiple purposes.

Video: Busted! This is a False CE Marking

False CE Marking

When you are working in the field of CE marking / CE certification, like I do, you notice the mark on all kinds of products. I can’t help it. It just see it everywhere.

And of course, sometimes you are surprised to find the CE mark affixed to products that do not require it at all. Like last week, when I was shopping for gadgets. (Yeah, I am hopeless…) I found another good example of a false CE marking. So I bought it and went for a coffee and made this little video below to show to you.

Safety video

Today, I stumbled upon this safety video from the company Harsco. I think it excellent for making us aware of the risk and mistakes people make. Watch it. It is a great inspiration for your next risk assessment…

Just a cool video…

Maybe it does not have a lot of CE relevance, but I think this technology is super cool…

Innovative Design

I stumbled upon this YouTube video of a very innovative design for UK plugs: