Video: Busted! This is a False CE Marking

When you are working in the field of CE marking / CE certification, like I do, you notice the mark on all kinds of products. I can’t help it. It just see it everywhere.

And of course, sometimes you are surprised to find the CE mark affixed to products that do not require it at all. Like last week, when I was shopping for gadgets. (Yeah, I am hopeless…) I found another good example of a false CE marking. So I bought it and went for a coffee and made this little video below to show to you.

I apologize for the quality. I shot it all by myself and obviously I did not had the product in focus. I hope you like the video anyway.

What do you think? Did the manufacturer get it completely wrong? Do you have other examples of false CE markings? Let me know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Video: Busted! This is a False CE Marking”

  1. That is really great Han.
    Maybe this is a special bag for equipment that does not comply with the CE marking, but after you put it into this bag it’s comply with the directive’s. Like a bag of a magician (Hans Klok).

  2. Your example is a good one picked out of a vast number of cases. CE mark is often confused as an origin mark. I saw it already, for example, on wooden toothpicks and distilled water (for ironing and batteries). This last one on a private label product of a major chain of retailers (particularly on these cases, it seems to me unacceptable). Several other cases exist, where CE mark is applicable but the product does not comply with the requisites and even with fake conformity declarations. So, it’s a really difficult task to assure compliance and to pass on the confidence (to retailers and consumers) that a CE mark should grant.

  3. In Verordening (EG) Nr. 765/2008 staat over CE-markering.

    Artikel 30
    Algemene beginselen van de CE-markering

    1. De CE-markering wordt uitsluitend aangebracht door de fabrikant of zijn gemachtigde.
    2. De CE-markering zoals weergegeven in bijlage II wordt alleen aangebracht op producten waarvoor het aanbrengen is voorzien door specifieke communautaire harmonisatiewetgeving, en wordt niet op enig ander product aangebracht.

    Handelen in strijd met het tweede lid is een overtreding van artikel 2a, 3e lid van het Warenwetbesluit algemene productveiligheid.

  4. Thank Han for your good work. At least they got the dimensions of the CE mark correct, or did they get the China export mark wrong. By the way does the mark apply to the product or the packaging?


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