Video: Two examples of the Declaration of Conformity

Do you know what a Declaration of Conformity looks like? Do you know what format is has?

In this video, I show two examples of Declarations of Conformity I came across just recently. The examples illustrate how the Declaration of Conformity can be kept small and even serve multiple purposes.

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A Declaration of Conformity is a written statement on behalf of the manufacturer or his authorized representative confirming the compliance of a product with European technical regulations. Issuing a Declaration of Conformity is one of the requirements that has to be fulfilled before products are allowed to be placed in the market or put into service bearing a CE marking.

For more information about the Declaration of Conformity visit this page.

15 thoughts on “Video: Two examples of the Declaration of Conformity”

  1. we are a wallcovering manufacturer and are working on our CE certification. I heard that we can publish the declaration of conformity on our web site & then avoid having to place it in each bolt of wallcovering we sell. Is that true?

    • In principle that is not true. None of the CE marking directives discuss that option. However, in many directives it is not a requirement to deliver the Declaration of Conformity with the product. In that case it is kept in the Technical File and sent on request.

  2. Ik zou zeggen dat alleen RohS en RAPV/WAPV van toepassing zijn. Beide vereisen geen CE-markering en geen verklaring van overeenstemming.

    Overigens is het getoonde logo niet exact de voorgeschreven CE-markering. Het lijkt er alleen maar op. Van dat ‘net-niet-CE-logo’ wordt ook wel eens gezegd dat het “Chinese Export” betekent.

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