What is CE mark/CE marking/CE certification?

What is CE Marking?

Being in CE certification for almost 20 years, I have seen that there are a lot of misunderstandings about CE marking. Many people do not exactly understand its purpose. Many do not know which products must bear the CE mark. There are also many questions about in which countries the CE marking applies.

Maybe there is so much unclarity about CE certification, because the concept was never really promoted to consumers. The value of the mark is not so much for consumers, as it is for producers and employers.

I made this short video presentation to answer some of the basic questions about CE marking and CE certification. The following questions are answered:

  • What is CE marking?
  • What does the letters “CE” mean?
  • Who owns “CE”?
  • Who is responsible for affixing the CE mark?
  • What are the benefits of CE certification?
  • In which countries does the CE marking apply?
  • How does CE marking help trade?
  • Is the CE mark a quality marking or indication of origin?
  • Which products require CE certification and must bear the CE marking?
  • Does the CE marking apply to any of the following products?
    • machinery
    • foodstuffs
    • chemicals
    • electrical products
    • toys
    • pharmaceuticals
    • medical devices
    • personal protective equipment



If you like the video, please share it. I would also like to hear back from you. Please send me your questions or  comment below. I would also like to hear your suggestions on what type of  specific questions would you like me to answer in a video just like this one?

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