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Who is cemarking.net?

The website cemarking.net is one of the web services created by the company Alura Group. Alura Group is a product compliance consulting company.

Why we created this website

The CE marking logo represents a pretty revolutionary regulatory concept. The European Union regulator actually tries to minimize the restrictive effect of their technical regulations on trade. It avoids including technical parameters that could fix a certain technological solution and frustrate innovation. Instead, the regulator formulates only the end result to be achieved. Also, the EU CE Marking directives and regulations for almost 90% of products do not require the involvement of a third party certification body.

The burden on the shoulders of manufacturers is higher …, at the same time there are less specific requirements.

The manufacture bears the responsibility for the conformity assessment. This makes sense because safety and compliance must be designed into the product, and it’s the manufacturer that controls the design and manufacturing process. It is also the manufacturer that selects the suppliers of components, parts and materials. In other words, the burden on the shoulders of manufacturers is higher because they are now fully responsible for CE compliance, and at the same time, there are fewer specific requirements.

The manufacturer has to find out:

  • which requirements apply
  • how to apply the requirements to the product design
  • in which way to prove CE compliance
  • how to document the evidence of CE compliance
  • how to maintain CE compliance

That is not easy, and we see a lot of manufacturers struggle with that. What makes things even more complicated is that the regulations and the supporting standards regularly change, possibly resulting in certificates and Declaration of Conformity no longer being valid. CE marking requires continual effort from the manufacturer and importer.

Your CE marking opportunities

At the same time, we believe that the CE marking concept offers great opportunities for manufacturers. The CE rules result in much more design freedom. In a lot of cases, the involvement of third-party certification bodies can be avoided, saving time and money.

…the CE marking concept offers great opportunities for manufacturers…

We also believe that manufacturers are the true product experts, that they hold the engineering and design expertise, and that they have the creativity/resourcefulness to apply the CE marking requirements. We believe that, with a little guidance, the manufacturers can take charge of CE conformity assessments, the required paperwork, and the quality assurance aspects.

This is exactly why cemarking.net was founded more than 25 years ago. We want to help (SME) companies to understand CE marking and empower them so that they can take control of CE compliance and benefit from (reduced time and cost for) market access. We have the ambition to be the single best source of CE marking intelligence. We want to share with our community the news, tips, expert views, templates and checklists that help to reach and demonstrate compliance in a more efficient and effective way.

How can we help you?

Kick start

If you are brand new to CE marking, we help you to determine if CE marking applies, and if so which CE directives and standards your products need to comply with. We show you how to get CE marking in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

We are not a test laboratory or certification body, so we don’t need to sell you those services…

Consulting and Coaching

For those customers that prefer a “No-Hassle” approach, our experts will conduct the conformity assessments and prepare all the required paperwork.

Do you want help, but prefer to keep the costs low, we offer coaching. In a few online one-on-one coaching sessions, an expert will walk you through the process, show you what to do, and provide you with templates and checklists where available, so you and your team can complete the CE marking yourself.

On-line courses

Prefer to do the CE marking yourself? Just need some guidance? Our online courses got you covered. All our courses come with consulting, so you are not on your own.

Authorized Representative service and EU Responsible Person Service

Our headquarters in the Netherlands offers the European Authorised Representative service or EU Responsible Person service required for manufacturers that are located outside the European Union. For more information, click here.

Want to know which option is right for you? Start here, and we’ll help you select.


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