How much does CE certification cost?

For the last 20 years, there has not been a single week in which I have not been asked the following:

“How much does CE certification cost?”

It is a very understandable question. I am sure that it is on your mind as well. Before you start the process of getting the CE marking, it is good to have an overview of the costs involved. But most people do not realize how difficult it is to answer this question.

Actually, it is similar to going to a builder, say that you want a six-room house on two acres, and asking to know the costs. That question is simply impossible to answer. There are far too many variables. It is the same with CE marking and CE certification. There are so many variables that can affect the price you pay. You don’t buy CE marking by the pound.

The price of CE certification can differ greatly from one product to another. I have seen prices range from $ 64 to $ 64,000. The price is often affected by which certification procedure applies to the product, whether the company can do some or all of the conformity assessments themselves, as well as the level of support needed to prepare the required compliance documents, Technical File, user manuals, and product labeling.

Which CE certification procedure or procedures applies/apply, is based on the technical specifications of a product, as well as its ‘intended purpose’. Only when these factors are clear, the correct CE marking directive or directives (yes, a product can be covered by more than one CE directive at the same time), European harmonized standards, and certification procedure can be determined.
In many cases, the CE directives offer two or more certification procedures that may be used. The costs associated with one or the other procedure can vary, and thus this is one of the aspects to keep in mind.

What do you need to know to get an accurate overview of the costs of CE certification?

You need to clarify the following points:

  • Which CE directive or CE directives apply/applies to the product?
  • Which standards apply to the product? And do these standards have the status of European harmonized standards or not?
  • Which certification procedure or procedures applies/apply?

With this information, you can compare quotes from service providers such as test laboratories, certification bodies, and consultants and ensure that will provide the same service. (Compare apples to apples!)

To determine the costs of CE certification you also should take into account the following aspects:

a. Are you required to involve a 3rd party certification body, or are you allowed to do self-certification?
The biggest myth about CE certification is:

“To get CE marking, products must be tested and certified by a third party certification body”.

This myth has cost a lot of companies a lot of money. In almost 90% of the cases, the CE marking regulations allow products to be self-certified for CE marking. In other words, you can do the CE marking yourself and you are not required to have the product certified by a third-party certification body. Obviously, CE marking self-certification can save your company a lot of time and money.
You too can learn to do CE self-certification. For example, with our online guides and courses, it is quite easy.

b. Is it possible for you to do in-house testing/inspections, or do you need to subcontract this?
Many of the required tests and conformity assessments can be performed by your company. Simply because it is a visual inspection or because it does not require special equipment and test equipment is available (or can be obtained).

c. Is it possible to leverage the tests and certifications already done by suppliers?
In many cases, it is possible to skip certain tests because they are already done by component or part suppliers. That can save you a lot of costs.

d. Do you want to combine CE marking with other (private) certifications/markings (e.g. GS, TUV, NEMKO, DEMKO, SEMKO, etc., etc.)?
There are testing and certification bodies that are accredited for various international markings and certification schemes. With one basic test in combination with some targeted additional tests
, your product can be approved for many markets, and thus you can spread the costs of certification over a bigger number of products.

e. Can you buy CE-approved parts or components that will make your own CE marking effort easier?
I can give you a practical example: one of my clients manufactures a small optical inspection tool (a small car with a video camera) with an RF remote control module. The RF module was purchased from a vendor, and it already was CE approved. And as a result, my client did not have to test his product against the RF standards.

f. Have you thought about the internal company resources you require for CE marking? Do these have to be included in your budget?
What I mean here are the costs of the persons who will have to dedicate time to the initial CE (self) certification, and afterward to keep updated with the regulations and standards.

g. Have you taken into consideration that the existing design may not pass the conformity assessments and that it needs to be modified? How much time and money does it cost us to make design changes? How much does it cost us to do the re-testing?

As you can see there are many things to consider. All aspects mentioned above have an effect on the costs. In most cases, you can do a lot yourself, possibly with some guidance and instructions, thus saving a lot of money. Risk analysis, the compilation of the Technical File, conformity assessment against essential requirements of the directives and standards, and the Declaration of Conformity. These all can be done by you or your colleagues if you invest a little time in learning how to do it.

The biggest costs in CE certification are inherent to the time that test laboratories, certification bodies, and consultants need to spend on your products. I think that by looking at your product, you can already estimate that the time investment for conformity assessment, risk analysis, or the compilation alone is at least a full day of work, and likely more. Multiply this with a reasonable hourly fee, and you will conclude that the cost of CE certification easily exceeds $1500. For product testing alone you often need several days to run the required test procedure. I have seen wear and tear tests for construction products that take 1 month!

Sun-rain test. One of the most expensive CE certification test.
Wear and tear test simulating sun-rain, which can cost up to $64,000…

Surely, you may find laboratories and consultants in the market who claim they can do it for a very low fee. My experience and the experience of my clients with these companies is that the provided services are very cheap as well. Please consider this: the CE marking is about providing evidence that the product complies with the applicable requirements. In the case you have to involve a test laboratory or certification body, it is better to use a well-established, reputable company than a cheap unknown company. Because when your product’s CE compliance is challenged, its acceptance by authorities and your customers depend on the reliability of the (test)certificate and report.

At CEMARKING.NET, we have developed a Six Step CE Marking Framework that helps you to do as much as possible yourself, thus reducing the costs of CE marking. We offer this Framework as an On-Line Workshop, as a Coaching Program, and as a Done-For-You service. The first step is dedicated to determining which directives and standards apply to your products, and how you can do the CE marking efficiently and in a cost-effective way. For this, we conduct a documentation review and a gap analysis. We offer this first step of our framework as a separate service. That means you can get a report with an overview of the applicable requirements and recommendations with the steps you need to take, without investing in the full-service package. Contact us for more information on our services.

Want to reduce the costs of CE marking?

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How much does CE certification cost? was updated on September 29-2022.

171 thoughts on “How much does CE certification cost?”

  1. Dear Han i so assembling for some machine in chocolate business and all parts , motors , wires i use have a certificate ul ce and more its more easy for me to get the ce certificate in this case

    • It will be easier, but not to be underestimated! You need to do a risk analysis, Technical File, conformity assessment against the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives, conformity assessment against the applicable standards and EMC and electrical safety tests. Also you need to be aware of standards related to material that comes in contact with food. Quite a job!

  2. Dear Han,We are creating the first Certification Body for construction materials in our Country. We are working according to ISO 17065, which requires a Certification scheme. We have already read the standards ISO 17065 and 17067 and yet we are not very clear about how we can obtain one.
    If we make it by ourselves is it necessary to be accredited or notified? If we can’t make it, by ourselves, where can we find it, and which are the conditions to be a scheme owner?

    thank you!

  3. Hello Han,

    Our company deals with the supply and testing of lifting equipments, we do fabricate a lot of lifting accessories like lifting beam , spreader beam and test them , can our company give CE mark to those items or what authority shall my company needs to do that ?

    • Hello Thomas,

      Have you determined which directive or directives apply? This is the first step that is necessary do before you can determine which conformity assessment procedure applies. From your description, it seems to me that the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) or the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011/EU) may apply.

  4. Hello, We have designed one lifting device part
    which suppose to lift 30Tons, part is being manufactured by our supplier based
    on drawing and specification given, we have also FEA report available for the
    same. My question are

    1) Can affix CE mark on part and other details
    like Manufacturer, safe working load, Mfg.Year etc.

    2) Since FEA report is available do we need physical
    load test?

    3) What documents we shall keep in records?

    • Dear Jayesh,

      You need a bit more than that.

      You’ll need also:

      1) a documented conformity assessment against the essential requirements of the applicable CE directive;

      2) a documented conformity assessment against the applicable European harmonized standards;

      3) a risk assessment;

      4) instruction for use;

      5) Declaration of Conformity;

      6) CE marking;

      7) a person located in the EU to retain/compile the Technical File and to act as the point of contact for the authorities.

      The documents in your Technical File depend on the applicable directive and the technology used.

  5. Hi Han,

    This article was very useful for us, as product approval is new for us.
    We are building a LED light that will have two different types:
    1) works on 220V AC via our own driver
    2) works on 3,6V DC via a driver by already accredited manufacturer with CE in place.

    What would be the very best / easiest procedure in obtaining CE for the first instance for our LED light, and can we avoid CE testing altogether for the second one?

    Appreciate your time and comments in advance.

    • Dear Andrea,

      The best was is conformity testing in accordance with the European harmonised standards + building the Technical File. The second unit is quite different from the first one from a technical perspective and so the test results from the first one cannot be used for the second one, and therefore you have to test the second one separately.

  6. Hi Han,

    In a certified non-SIM card tablet, we need to replace the RAM memory for supply shortage. None of the rest of components will be changed. Would I need a new CE certification?

    Thak you for all your great support.

  7. Hello Han, excellent article,

    I just have some simple doubts:
    Im importing sunglasses which are manufactured in china. Im from portugal. This supplier has a CE certification.
    Do my glasses will need that certification to be commercialized in portugal and europe? If they need, should CE mark need to be printed on the sunglasses?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi David,

      The answer is yes, you’ll need CE marking in order to be allowed to sell in the EU. Yes, the CE mark must be placed on the sunglasses. You can look at the big brands to see how they have done it.

      • Thanks,
        There are different ways they do that mark. I just want to know is it possible to put a sticker w that mark in the lens or is it mandatory to laser that ce mark?
        Thank you very much.

  8. Dear Han, Thanks for this CE marking 101. Very informative.
    Please, could you inform me from your example where RF module is used, no re-certification required as prescribed conditions for its use were met.
    Is self certification enough to suggest such compliance?
    Mine is also a similar case where a CE/FCC mark GSM module is used for data communication, and the data is generated by CE marked humidity monitor?
    Many thanks in advance,

    • If the RF module already is CE approved, you do not have to repeat it, provided you can receive the Declaration of Conformity or certificates that confirms the compliance. The compliance of the whole unit needs to be confirmed according to the EMC Directive and Low Voltage Directive. These directives allow self-certification.

  9. would i need ce certification to make glass plant terrariums, only to sell in uk? or can i test at home. Also i contacted trading standards and they advised that i would need to visit a test station that is AKAS accecreditated. Is this something different? noting on the net.

    • Hi Pete,

      The glass terrariums themselves do not require CE in my view (only when it are the big, fixed constructions). The lamps require CE and other equipment may also very well need CE. However, I assume you buy those off the shelve?

  10. Hi Han,

    We have a product build in China, CE certified, we want to shift the production outside China and there is no design change. So now, do we need to do a re CE certification for the same product ?

    • Hi Jason,

      It must be exciting times for you. Good luck with the move.

      Relocation of production facilities may have effect on the CE certification in the case that the production facilities have been certified as a part of the CE certification process. Is a Notified Body involved in the CE certification of your products? If so, it will be good to ask them. If no NoBo was involved, you may have to look at the procedures you had installed to ensure consistency of production.

  11. Hi Han, hope you are doing fine. We have equipments in Japan waiting for transportation to Turkey. CE mark is required. Marking costs a lot in Japan. What do you recomment? Thanks a lot

    • Hi Kizilkor,

      Thank you for your question. I am fine, thank you.

      As I understand, the shipment is ready to go out. If the equipment is not yet CE certified, I would personally not ship and take the risk of the shipment being held in Turkish customs. When the shipment is in the custody of customs, there is very little you can do but to have the unit returned.

      You indicate the certification is very expensive in Japan. But is certification required for this product, or is self-certification an option? Also, there are many testing and certification bodies all over the globe that can do conformity testing/certification. You do not need to go to a Japanese body. That may also help to bring the costs down.

      I hope this is useful.

    • Dear John,

      No, that is not possible. Class II products always need to be certified by a Notified Body. However, what you may want to check is whether the device is also considered to be class II in the EU. There are differences in the classification of medical devices between the EU and the FDA.

      • Hi Han, Thanks that is very helpful. Is it the case that if you have FDA Clearance for a Class II device that you must have ISO 13485 in place also prior to a CE Mark application?

  12. Hello Hans,
    Thank you for this amazingly informative article!
    My company produces decorative lighting products in the United States for residential and commercial use. All our products are UL certified, but I have a particular project that requires a CE marking. What are the costs and regulations of CE marking a particular pendant lighting fixture that is also already UL certified?

    • Dear DD,

      The UL certification does not have a value for the CE marking, so the unit will need to be fully tested. Electrical safety testing in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive. If the lighting products contain electronics, the EMC Directive also applies. We’ll be glad to prepare a proposal. Can you provide me with a product brochure?

  13. Hello Han

    I am planning to sell bifocal reading sunglasses in EU. Sunglasses made in China.

    The lab suggest that it should do sunglasses test item EN ISO 12312-1 and convex glasses test item ISO 8980-1&3
    .Is this enough for me as a wholeseller in EU? Can you tell me please, how much tests can cost?
    .It’s enough documents to sell bifocal sunnglasses in EU?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Dear Helena,

      That is a very specific question for which I would need to study the product documentation. Please use the form at and I will provide you with a quote.

  14. hello Han,

    My cousin company are the manufactures of paints & they want to get the CE Marking, let me know requirements, cost & your advice. they already certified with ISO 9001:2008.

  15. Hi Han
    I am designing flash cards (a is for apple etc.) and puzzle books and getting printing companies to print them for me. I know that these fall under the toys directive but I’m not clear whether it is enough/required to ask the printers for chemical info on their paper and inks, and to compare that with the list in the toys directive, and self certify or whether something else is required? How is flammability tested for?

  16. Hello Han,
    Your info is very helpful to so many people. Thank you for taking time to answer.
    We are building LED luminaires in the USA for high bay applications. We are going through the UL testing process now and would like to have the CE marking as well to sell to European customers. Our manufacturing operation is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. These are class ll devises. Can we self certify our product or will we need an outside organization? Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • You are welcome Whaler20,

      Are these also class II medical devices in the EU? If they are, you cannot self-certify. I recommend you to take this up with your UL representative. They may already test in accordance with the European standards (which will be required for CE compliance). They may even be an approved certification body under the EU Medical Devices Directive. Well worth checking.

  17. Hans,
    Thank you for your quick reply. These devises are not medical devises or medical related. Although much of what we do is medical related, these devises are intended for industrial/commercial (non-medical) purposes. Does that change your opinion of the self certifying possibility? Again, many thanks for your opinion.

    • Dear Whaler20,

      Sorry I misunderstood. You had me confused with the indication that this is a class II device. If it is not a medical device, and strictly for lighting purposes, you can self-certify under the Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive, although you will probably have to outsource some testing to a qualified laboratory. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for the testing.

  18. I have a company in India, supplying surgical gloves of international standard, masks for the surgeon, head covers while operating and shoes covers, one wears in theatre. I would like supply these in the UK, do I needs these tested for CE MARKING AND APPROVED CERTIFICATE FOR SUPPLING IN EU AND UK.Please advice and guidance. Thanks.

  19. Hi Han, I make baby blankets, quilts and other fabric items. All our components ie fabrics, wadding and fleece etc are bought from quality suppliers and have all been fully tested. What would I need to do to obtain a ce mark for them? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Emily,

      You cannot get the CE marking for these products you mention. These are not covered by any of the CE marking directives. There are other types of regulations that may apply and which you may need to comply with. However, those do not lead to the CE marking.

  20. Hi Han,
    I am looking to import some industrial machinery from China. The company has told me if I need a CE stamp it will cost me 20% more. The machines are made to CE standards, could I seek approval back in the UK?
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Mark,

      The machine will need CE marking, and your company will be responsible for it. What do you think CE compliance entails? Besides paperwork, it requires technical compliance with technical requirements. That means that the machine from the design needs to be compliant, as well as from how it is build. Exactly these aspects are not under your control, but under the control of the Chinese manufacturer. In other words, you will need the manufacturer’s cooperation to get the CE mark.

      Consider the cost of doing the CE marking in the UK. Is it more or less than the 20% price difference? As a minimum, you’ll need a risk analysis, electrical safety test and EMC tests for the electrical system, a Technical File, translated user manual. To have this done will cost you several thousand pounds.

      Also consider that if you do the CE marking from the UK, the question will be whether during your assessment you will find non-compliances in design and build. If so, you will have to modify the machine to make it compliant, if this is possible at all. You run the risk that this machine cannot be made compliant, and that you cannot sell it or place it in the market. Then your investment in a nice cheap machine with a high profit margin, becomes a costly waste of money.

      My advise would be to get the CE marking from the Chinese manufacturer, but also to have a contractual clause that you will pay only after the compliance has been checked by an independent party. Probably you also know that many manufacturers offer false certificates, or certificates of different products.

      My rule of thumb is always to add a substantial percentage to the price that is offered by Chinese manufacturers and reserve that for certification or checking the compliance. Even when a product is advertised as having CE, it often does not comply at all.

      I hope this is helpful.

      • Hi Han,
        Thanks for giving such a detailed explanation. The Chinese company have already gone to the cost of ensuring that they are CE compliant. They have told me that the machine is built to the same high standard regardless of whether it has the CE stamp or not. Would the Stamp have a further cost for them in the registering of the machinery or is the 20% extra that they want to charge me, to go towards the costs that they incurred in having to initally get the machinery CE approved, which in turn if those costs have already been met, becomes extra proffit?

        • Mark,

          If the machine is built to CE standards, I wonder why they cannot affix the CE marking. 90% of the machines can be self-certified, and no 3rd party assessment is required. Considering this, I wonder what the 20% price difference is for.
          Please apologise me, I have become sceptical over the years.
          If you think it will help, my team and I could have a look at the compliance documentation they have. PM, me or use the form on the support page.

  21. Hi Han, thank you for the article.
    I am trying to enter EU, mainly UK, Germany and France with class 2a device.
    I saw there is an extra registration phase for France, so was going to register in France to make sure I have coverage for all 3 nations.
    Is this more beneficial than registering with UK first, taking into consideration the time and cost to registering?
    I saw that registering in France could be free of charge (which I may be wrong) hence also thinking of registering in UK first (as the registration fee is only 70 pounds), followed by Germany then separately registering in France.
    Please advise!
    Thank you!

    • My understanding of the regulations is that you have to register a medical device only with one Competent Authority in one EU Member State, and not at all Member States. Some Member States even do not have registration for higher than class I medical devices. It’s worthwhile to have this sorted out.

  22. Morning Han, very interesting read however i am more than confused as to how this will affect our business. We are a medium sized bespoke joinery manufacturing business and on occasion part of our tender package would be to manufacture internal fire doors (FD60 & FD30), we are UKAS certified ISO 9001:2008 and, hold the BM Trada Q Mark manufacture certification.
    My understanding is that if we supply a “complete” doorset then we will have to CE mark it yet if we provide a “loose” doorset then we do not..?
    As we only would make the door frame and leaf (glazing/ironmongery and intumescent are provided by others) i also believe that we would not have to provide the CE mark.
    I am getting little support from our certification body on what procedures we would have to adopt, also our clients to whom we supply seem to be in the dark about what we should and should not do as there does not seem to be a clear remit on what has to be in place to comply.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Hello Mike,

      I don’t know this from the top of my head. I would need to investigate this. The details are provided in the European harmonised standards for windows and doors. You may be right only the complete door would need to be CE marked. However, at the same time you need to consider that your customer (the door manufacturer) can only get CE marking if your product also complies with the relevant parts of the standard. Even though you would not apply for CE certification, it is wise to still look into the requirements of the standards and to apply the relevant parts to your designs.

  23. Hi Han, thank you a lot. But still I’ve got a few questions. I’m going to import russian motorcycles (new) into EU.
    As I understand they can be tested without 3rd party body,can’ it?
    What about design?
    Approximately, how much will it cost to get CE marking for one kind of motorcycle?
    Thank in advance

    • Motorcycles do not require CE marking. They are covered by a different type of certification in the EU. Sorry, but I have no expertise in certification of motorcycles.

  24. Hi Han,

    I am involved in a company which owns the intellectual property for a medical device. Tha devices has up till now been manufactured solely in the US. it has been operating successfully there for 19 years.

    We have entered into a contract with an Australian company who will be manufacturing the device in Asia for import into Australia, New Zealand and also for sale in Asia. That company wishes to obtain CE certification to assist with the approval under the Therapeutic Goods Act in Australia.

    Our company has concerns that if the CE mark is obtained by the Australian company, that this will hinder any European company that we contract with in the future, from being able to register a CE mark for the same product.

    Do you see any way around this issue?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • David,

      Your company can take ownership of the CE marking as well. In that way, you will always stay in control and independent of distributors. Contact me if you need help.

  25. Dear Han,
    We’re small manufacture company making Solid-State Relays (or components), here in USA. There are small components, other companies buying them for MFG their equipment. I got an inquiry from a potential customer about CE marking on my components.

    Please let me know how much the CE marking might cost and how much time it takes? Should I ried to get GE marking myself and seek a helper? Can you advise who might help us?
    Thank you in advance very much for your help, Please email me your comments to

    • Dear Vladimir,
      In order to get CE, the products will need to pass tests in accordance with European harmonised standards, and you need to compile a Technical File. We can help you with both. In order to be able to quote you the price of the tests, I would need a product brochure. Can you send me one?
      Thank you.

  26. Hi Han, I am in quite a predicament. I have already had manufactured and printed a small (about 5″x7″) board game. I was under the impression (because I asked them if I could use the CE marking) that my factory in China tested my games to allow for the CE mark. Now some of the games that are bound for Europe were stopped by the customs in France and they are asking for documentation. When I inquired to the factory I was told no testing was done but they will quote me for the testing. I have informed my importer who is trying to get the product, but haven’t heard back yet. Looking back, I am not even sure I even needed the CE mark since the game is for ages 15+, but I doubt that will satisfy the customs authority,

    What is my best course of action? Is this something I can do myself? I do have complete copies of the game but have no idea how to go about it if in fact, I can do the testing myself. Help!

    • No, CE is not required. However, your truck needs to be approved by the French road authorities for use in France. My company is not dealing with vehicles at all, so I am afraid I can’t help you.

  27. Dear Han,

    We are the manufacturer of LED lighting luminaires located in Russia. Luminaires we assemble in Russia include components (LED drivers and LED modules) which are manufactured in China. However we acquired CE certificate of compliance for LVD and EMC Directives (2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC). Nevertheless when we decided to export products to EU we encounter with a problem. Our client in EU said that the CE certificates issued are not valid among EU for the following reasons:

    1)CE certificate is not issued by a “Notified Body”

    2)CE certificate was issued for whole product range (300 models of lumianires). Instead he offers to acquire CE certificates for each product group separately, which will make 73 certificate. I think this is unreasonably expensive, because for the whole product range we use one type of LED module and 6 types of LED drivers (20W,30W,40W of standard and emergency versions) of the same manufacturer. The rest difference among products stems from variation in dimensions of simple metal housing.

    I need your advice on do we need to acquire again new CE certificate from “Notified Body” and is it justified to acquire so many certificates for products which mainly differe by size and dimensions?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    • здраствуйте Gadji,

      1) You are correct: for the directives you mention (which I believe to be correct), there is no need to have a certificate from a Notified Body;
      2) Based on your description, I believe you are correct that it is unreasonable to request so many tests/certificates. However, to confirm this I would need to see the files.

  28. Hi Han

    I’m making furniture with a aquarium and it has a colour LED
    lighting system, aquarium pump with a external on off switch for the lights (all electrical
    items to go into the furniture already have CE marks on them) would CE marking
    be required?

    Any help would be great


    • CE is required. Please ask the suppliers to provide you with the Declarations of Conformity of the lighting system and pump. These documents may cover the CE compliance. If you want we can check the supplier documentation to ensure their CE compliance.

  29. Hi Han,
    I’m the furniture seller, and I ordered lamp from China, Thailand and Indonesia for my client in France.
    For lamp export to France, do i need them to be CE certified?
    ALL my suppliers form China, Thailand and Indonesia do not have CE certificate. What can I do to save cost and time?
    Or should I ask them to souce local CE approved lighting company to install electical parts?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi @hui_ping:disqus

      Yes, lamps require CE marking. Your suppliers may not be aware that the products are intended to be placed in the market in the EU. You can ask them if they can provide you with test reports/certificates. It is required that the lamps are certified by the manufacturer, and not by the installer.

  30. Hi Han, we are a buying platform in China for a DIY group in Europe.
    For my category – bathroom furniture – the buyers from Europe are asking me that the products should have both FSC and CE ? Could you please help?
    By bathroom furniture I intend cabinet + sink + mirror + side cabinet.

    thank you very much for your answer

  31. Hi Han. We have developed a plasma source at atmospheric pressure (also known as plasma jet), which can be used for different applications but mostly for treating surfaces. It is supplied with low voltage (from a CE-certified wall plug, 220 Vac to 24 Vac), but our own device transforms this low voltage to high voltage (1.5kV to 4kV), in order to generate the plasma (the second part of the device has some kind of nozzle, from which the plasma comes out), so we could say that we have created a high voltage power supply. Which directives are needed for CE certification in this case? LVD and EMC, and/or something else? Can we do some of the self assesments (we are a research institute, but we are not an specialized in electronics) or external laboratory test are needed? We are located in Germany and we intent to sell the product for industries. Thank you!

    • Hi Laura,

      To determine which directives and regulations apply, we would need to review the product documentation. It seems EMC and LVD are relevant, but there may be others that apply as well.

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