What our customers say about our service:

“Thank you very much for all the help from the initial discussion right through to the end. You were amazingly quick and professional with your responses and clarifications, which helped us a lot.
Undoubtedly, good value for money. Exceptional service !!”

Ravi Valiya, The Chalmers Group, UAE

“With your service, I found I was able to streamline the CE process far faster. What I liked most is that I could do the process at my own speed and if there were any questions Han was quick to respond with the answers to keep me moving forward. If your starting out,the option I chose for the tuition guided program makes economical sense for startups on a tight budget.
As most startups experience the process can be filled with many obstacles.Finding trustworthy partners is a challenge. Han and his team can be trusted to help you. I took a gamble with them and was not disappointed.”

Joseph Lawrence, Doctor of Chiropractic, USA

“I wanted to say it was a great and very efficient way the process from your end was handled in order for us to receive a letter of not needing a CE mark.
You folks are definitely better than many companies I have worked with in my 50 years of being in the work environment.”

Ray Mendlik, Duel Inc, USA

“I found the process of ensuring my product was CE compliant very daunting. There was a lot of mixed information on the web and my product sat on the fence between two classifications – jewellery and a toy. I had emailed several other organisations and received generic, impersonal responses which only left me more confused. However, after speaking with Han, I was confident I was dealing with an individual with a deep understanding of the CE certification environment. He armed me with the information I was seeking and explained things in an accessible way. I now have an understanding of my products compliance and the information to manage this for myself moving forward. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to understand these complicated regulations.”

Alyse Webster, LaLaBeads

“Thanks you for the letter confirming that CE marking is not required for my low vision simulators. It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate the prompt, professional and friendly service.”

Marshall Flax, Fork in the Road, USA

“I came in contact with cemarking.net after a long and frustrating process of looking for a professional yet cost-effective way to find out whether my products had to be CE-marked for the European market, and if so, for compliance with which norms and regulations. I had been to several consultancies and governmental bodies, without conclusive results. In a matter of days, Han provided me with just what I needed: insights, mapping of which regulations I need to consider and the tools to build my own technical file for proving that my product complies with the rules. I will certainly recommend the cemarking.net service to other product developers and will also come back to you in the future.”

Cecilia Thorfinn, MummyMug BV, Netherlands

“When Aulterra was informed that it needed to acquire CE Marking for its products, we conducted substantial research to learn about the directives and to find a resource that could help us understand the complexity of this process. It was frustrating and overwhelming, until I discovered your organization. Your knowledge and guidance have proven to be invaluable. I will gladly recommend you to anyone in need of assistance in this matter. Your service is fantastic.”

Annemarie Osborne, Aulterra Europe, Austria

“Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure. Having no experience in CE marking what so ever your team guided us through the process and helped us to overcome shortfalls in areas of design and documentation. Our machine, schematics, and manuals are better and safer as a direct result of working with you all at cemarking.net. Should CE marking ever become part of a future product we would like to have the pleasure of working with you all again.”

Slayton Altenburg, TPEI, USA

“At first I hesitated to do CE self-certification, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. Your system provides the templates and instructions to certify CE compliance. And with what I learned I was able to complete the CE marking within one week. It was a good investment. Your support and customer service are excellent!”

Tatiana Batache, SkateRunner

“This system you have is very good and I am so glad we are able to work with you on our CE compliance.”

Luke Vazul, KHS, USA

“Thank you for your advice, this has been the most helpful advice I’ve had and I’ve been searching for some time.”

Rob Henderson, UK

“The system was an excellent lead. Templates also were exceptionally well prepared and they were also very helpful to us. The Process was a bit complicated at the beginning; however with the system we managed to complete the Technical File. We would like to thank you for your quick responses on all questions we had. We thank you for all your help!”

Asfaw Mendaye, Seiffert Industrial Inc., USA

“It’s very easy and simple to get the CE Mark via using your course, especially for preparing the required documents.”

Linda Kuo, GC Kean Synthetic Inc, Taiwan

“I can see that you put a lot of time and effort into the material that you have provided. It is evident that you are both experienced and passionate about your service. I thought the course was absolutely GREAT! The video is well produced and I find that it heightens my interest and thus retention of information. When I started, I must admit, I wondered how you would take such a complex topic and simplify it, so one could gain a good understanding. As I mentioned, the videos especially helped me to gain that understanding by providing a clear and concise overview of what is involved.
Thank you very much for this valuable information deliver in a very timely fashion. I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about CE compliance.”

Thomas W. Kaufmann, Technical Publications Specialist, USA

“I have just completed your course. I found that it cut out the jargon and mind field that I had come across on other websites & on trying to read the Directives. I felt that the course was easy to follow, informative and beneficial from being broken into parts to ensure better understanding. The way that you approached the subject took the fear out of learning about CE Marking which is normally purveyed as a scary and difficult process, I do appreciate the complexities of the whole process but think that thanks you your training & information on your website that it will be much easier for our company to apply CE Markings. A big thank you from Tech Safe Systems!”

Claire Evans, Norfolk, UK

“I am enjoying your course and really appreciate that fact that you have gone to this much effort to inform people like me on the CE Marking. I have been trying to research this for many weeks, but feel your course is putting it all together in a clear way. Before I listened to your course I was very confused at the information that is available on the net.
I have already recommended this course to contractor that I know who used to deal with compliance markings in an electronic testing sense.
I am feeling a lot more confident in knowing that we can move forward in this compliance. Thanks.”

Di Weresczuk, Entermo, Australia

“Hello Han….the course was fabulous. It was very well organized and easy to follow. CE marking for those of us in North America is somewhat of a mystery. The course definitely addressed the knowledge gaps which I had regarding CE marking. I would recommend your course to my colleagues.”

Jeff Stonos, BTI Systems, USA

“Thank you for the course. I think that it is very good and I liked it very much. I had no perceptions before and now I have some idea of the subject.
Definitely I would recommend your course.”

Javier Salazar, Mexico

“Hi Han, The course was very user friendly, easy to follow and understand.
I would definitely recommend this to others. It’s a wonderful service.”

Kylie McBeath, Australia

“Thank you for offering the course. It was very helpful.”

Ray Porter, Bausch & Lomb, USA

“Hi Han, Very interesting & easy-to-follow training course. It was very rewarding to be able to put into perspective how the process actually flows from the manufacturer applying CE certification marking to obtaining the (EU)-CE compliance document with standards & directives applied. I would recommend this course to my colleagues & co-workers who would benefit from this course.”

Bill Cleary, CCS-Inc West, USA

“Thank you so much for your course. Your course really made CE marking understandable. I will recommend it to our new product R&D team.”

Brenda Desormeaux, Mettler-Toledo AutoChem

“Your website and courses are extremely helpful to a small start-up company like ours. Many thanks for providing us access to this information.”

Joe S’Silva, Patients and Consumers’ Pharma, USA

“It was clear that the course was administered with a genuine interest in both the subject and the individual. I was not familiar with CE marking or its requirements, not much less what European states recognize it. Learning by distance is not ideal, but have found your video’s extremely useful and have reviewed them several times watching them extensively picking something new up each time. I have a sense of confidence moving foreword in getting our products recognized by the European Union.”

Roger E. Goris, Belart Products, UK

“Its very difficult to find trustworthy information about CE marking. In my opinion you have very well organized documentation and the interface of your website is perfect.”

Saulo DeBaco, Brazil

“Highly recommended and THANKS!”

Ka-Yu Law, Altitudetech Inc., Canada

“I found your site very informative , clear and logical. Your site is the best I have come across especially the part on Directives and Standards. Unlike those articles given by well known laboratories, they tend to lead readers that the they are the only ones that you must use before you can declare conformity of CE. I will definitely recommend your website to all those people involved directly and indirectly in CE. Well done!”

Danny Chung

“I just finished watching your tutorial. Thank you for creating it! I was asked by my company to estimate the effort required to make sure our coming product complies with the CE Marking regulation. Your videos proved to be the best and most comprehensive starting point I could find on the web. I especially liked the structure of the information. It answers typical questions as them come to mind. It removed some of the confusion I had about the process.”

Jean-Philippe Lord, Ultra Electronics TCS, Canada